National Archaeology Day

National Archaeology Day 2008 was a great success!

Budding archaeologists who visited the TTBW stand explored a range of archaeological finds that have come from under the water. Artefacts found by marine archaeologists must be kept wet to prevent them drying out too quickly and breaking apart. As all of our finds have to be kept submerged we explored them by plunging our arms into the murky water, and braver visitors donned diving masks and snorkels to get a closer look!

With wet arms and faces we explored the finds to discover which came from the last Ice Age and separated the mammoth teeth from the modern metals.

The day was hugely successful with over 600 visitors enjoying the events, activities and displays that were organised at Salisbury Museum to celebrate this important day in the archaeological calendar.

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  1. Kathy Bragg Says:

    Thanks for a fantastic day, we came over from Maidenhead, Berks to have a look. I took some pictures, which are on Flickr, Not particularly good but you are welcome to use them if you wish.

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