Girvan and the Varyag

After visiting Maidens we continued down the Ayrshire coast and stopped at the next port town, Girvan. After asking around the port we quickly met the local harbour master Roddy Leach who told us a few local wrecks including the Varyag, a Russian Cruiser that was famous for its role in the Battle of Chemulpo Bay during the Russian-Japanese War in 1904. The cruiser ultimately ended up in the Clyde and was sold for scrap to Germany. While under tow the vessel ran aground off of Lendalfoot, a small village south of Girvan. The wreck is a known diving and fishing site to the locals in area and the loss of the Varyag was recently commemorated with a large monument outside of Lendalfoot, erected in 2006.

After speaking to Mr. Leach he introduced us to another local source of knowledge, Mr. Ian Morton, a long-time resident and diver. He was happy to talk to us and told of several dive sites that he used to visit during his diving years. After the harbour visit we travelled south to Lendalfoot to visit the Varyag monument and then continued south to Stranraer for more discoveries!