Scottish Maritime Archaeology Needs You!

Project SAMPHIRE is a marine archaeology project focused on western Scotland’s coasts and islands. SAMPHIRE enables local communities to engage with professional underwater archaeologists based in Scotland and aims to support the identification, investigation and appreciation of Scotland’s marine heritage. By working alongside local communities we hope to reinforce a shared sense of stewardship of those underwater archaeological sites.

SAMPHIRE has been designed to keep the community at the heart of the archaeological process.

If you have seen, dived on, or have any new information about unrecorded underwater archaeological sites on the west coasts of Scotland we want to hear from you!


Diver survey, Copyright Historic Scotland, (J. Benjamin 2012)

Diver survey, Copyright Historic Scotland, (J. Benjamin 2012)


Previous Work

Outer Hebrides Coastal Community Marine Archaeology Pilot ran from 2011-2012

The project has been informed by our experience on the recently completed pilot study in the Outer Hebrides; the OHCCMAPP produced records for previously unrecorded archaeology. This was done through successful partnership working between heritage professionals and local communities.

Some of our other Scottish diving work has also been in the news; download some of the reports here:

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