Project Objectives

In commissioning the Aircraft Crash Sites at Sea project, English Heritage have set Wessex Archaeology the following objectives:

  • to review existing literature relating to the archaeology of aircraft crash sites at sea, existing guidance, and the legislative context;
  • to clarify the range and archaeological potential of aircraft crash sites, by presenting examples of aircraft crash sites, which will include a range of site conditions and mechanisms affecting site survival, their management and investigation;
  • to establish the relationship, in terms of numbers and composition, between the National Monuments Record (NMR) record of crash sites/casualties at sea, and the possible extent of the overall resource, the surviving resource of aircraft in preservation, and aviation history overall;
  • to identify and describe possible additional sources of data, situated both in the
    UK and abroad, relating to aircraft crash sites;
  • to gauge, by active engagement, public interest and values in respect of aircraft crash sites at sea;
  • to summarise the role and interests of existing authorities and stakeholders in aircraft crash sites; to contribute to interim guidance for the marine aggregate industry on the reporting, management and investigation of aircraft crash sites at sea, to be forthcoming as part of the ALSF dissemination project;
  • to make the results of the project available to specialist and general audiences, both in England and globally.
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