To everyone who has contributed information, opinion and advice. We have had a tremendous response so far – please keep it coming and don’t forget to leave a comment on the blog!

Graham Scott

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  1. Hedley Edwards Says:

    Hi, maybe not exactly what you’re after but I recall as a young ‘spotter’ living in Lewes and regularly cycling to Ford and Tangmere. One day probably in 1955 or ’56, I was spotting at the approach end of the westerly runway (on the Arundel/Littlehampton road). Whilst watching 2 or 3? Attackers turning on base leg for their short finals, one of them stalled and crashed in the vegetable field in a cloud of smoke. Don’t think the pilot survived as the a/c attitude was nearly inverted. The crash tender was soon on the scene. I always remember the ambulance guys in RN uniform stopping to ask me if I was ok, thinking that I might be suffering from shock, which I was, and offering to take me back home to Lewes. Don’t know why but I declined their offer! I would be interested if you already know of this accident, what was the actual date, the a/c regn, and what happened to the pilot. Hope this memory recall is useful. Rgds Hedley E

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