Photo Exhibition at Newhaven Fort

Friday, October 16th, 2009

For the past two months Newhaven Fort, in Sussex, has hosted an exhibition of photos featuring shipwrecks off the Sussex coast that were taken by Wessex Archaeology. The Fort recieves many visitors who have had the opportunity to explore their local marine heritage whilst enjoying the many displays and exhibits at the Fort itself.

Philip Baldock, Curator and Education Officer at Newhaven Fort said, ‘The exhibition was very well received and demonstrated to our visitors that archaeology is not just about “digging things out of the ground” and that marine archaeology is not just about treasure ships. It also showed that history is literally on our doorsteps.’

We’d like to thank the staff at the Fort for hosting the display.

TTBW podcast now online

Friday, November 21st, 2008

Diver Matt emerges after a diveThe first Time Travelling by Water podcast is now online. It is the eleventh in the popular Archaeocast series and the first to feature an interview with one of our divers direct from the seabed.

Listen to the podcast to hear divers Graham Scott, Matt Astill and Niall Callan explain the work that Wessex Archaeology do in support of the Protection of Wrecks Act (1973) and to hear Matt describe the Norman’s Bay wreck from below the waves.