New Teacher’s Packs Online

Time Travelling By Water, Wessex Archaeology’s Coastal and Marine archaeology outreach programme, has developed two new workshops as part of the English Heritage funded project, Assessing Boats and Ships.

The project looked at boats and ships lost around the coast of England between 1860-1950. Information gathered from these shipwrecks was used to provide guidance on how to assess the significance of newly discovered shipwrecks.

The reports written as part of this project have been disseminated via the Time Travelling By Water programme from Wessex Archaeology. Workshops on Victorian and World War 2 boats and ships were developed and run in schools. This has been supplemented by the creation of two new teacher packs filled with activities and information to support lessons.

Children can learn about different classes, or use, of vessels in the Victorian period. As well as investigating how shipbuilding methods changed dramatically during the Industrial Revolution. WW2 activities include a battleships game with codes to break and ships to deploy and destroy. Plus children can adapt a civilian vessel for the war effort demonstrating wartime requisitioning.

The Teacher’s Packs are suitable for KS2 and KS3 history classes. As well as extracurricular clubs, home-schoolers, Young Archaeologist’s Clubs, and anyone who wants to learn more about our underwater heritage.

Each pack is free to download and use. Visit our Teacher’s Pack page to see all the resources you need to explore the coastal and marine heritage.


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